Thanks for visiting Jeff Roberts Imaging. Here you can view the architectural, food, and commercial product photography by Jeff Roberts. Jeff is based in Portland, Maine, and regularly works with architects, builders, interior designers, magazines, restaurants, ad agencies, and other design professionals throughout the Northeast and beyond.

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Food Photography Info

Whether you are an experienced chef looking to highlight this season’s dishes, the author of a new cookbook in need of photos to bring your recipes to life, or a restaurateur eager to share your new restaurant’s cuisine with prospective guests, Jeff’s food photography will capture and accentuate the beauty of your dishes and ingredients.  As more and more hungry diners choose their next meal by browsing online, it is increasingly important that the images you present are as appealing and flawless as the food that you create.  Jeff’s skills and specialized equipment allow him to harness the available natural light or to provide precise, expert artificial lighting in order to create images consistent with your needs and aesthetic. Regardless of your food photography needs, Jeff is available to light, capture and present your food in studio, on location in your restaurant, or right in your kitchen.